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Third Watch Fans

By the fans, for the fans

Third Watch for the Fans!
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Third Watch
A community for fans of NBC's recently-cancelled hit show Third Watch.

This is a community FOR FANS. What's allowed here, you ask?
+ General Show Discussion
+ Fan Art
+ Icons
+ Fan Fic
+ Websites pertaining to the show or its cast (Molly, Jason, etc...)
+ Basically anything you can think of that is about/inspired by Third Watch!

This community was created in response to problems in other communities and a lack of general camaraderie between maintainers and members. This community is intended to be a haven, if you will, for fans of Third Watch to gather, discuss, and generally indulge in their favorite show!

The rules are few and simple:
+ Be respectful of your fellow members! Not everyone is a Bosco/Faith shipper, not everyone likes Carlos. Personal opinions are just that, personal! Don’t try and force yours on anyone and don’t get mean when someone doesn’t agree with you. Problems with other members should be taken OFF LIST or deferred in a private email to the MOD(s). Don’t rumble onlist if you can help it; no one likes going to their favorite comm and seeing a 3093459084 comment-long fight.

+ Use an lj cut for graphics and long entries. Not everyone has high-speed internet access and long/graphic intensive entries can significantly slow down (or even freeze) their browser. Don’t know how? Simple! Check this page out!

+ Have fun! Start discussions. Remember that there are no stupid questions! Be dorky, start random threads about Bosco’s rear end if you wish. Variety is the spice of community life :D

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